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  • Over 10 years of professional experience
  • Original lessons and content
  • One-to-one feedback
  • Polite and professional

James Sisti

Instructor + Founder

James is a professional artist and wilderness guide. His mission is to help people connect with nature through art.

Hike And Draw Instructor Conor Nolan

Conor Nolan


Conor is a professional artist who combines his passion for nature with fantasy/sci-fi. 

“Developing a drawing practice has helped me to find more stillness as a naturalist & strengthened my eye as a photographer.”
Carey Russell
The Dendro Lab
“I love that I am able to attend a live workshop from my home in Australia. Very impressed with the way in which Hike And Draw has been able to establish a supportive & informative learning environment.”
Cherie Richey-Lowe
how to draw a bird in flight

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