Color Pencil Beetle Drawing

Color Pencil Beetle Drawing

Learn Color Pencil Beetle Drawing!

This quirky Color Pencil Beetle Drawing workshop focuses on the beautiful and metallic-looking Green Jewel Bug (Chrysocoris patricius). Nature drawing helps you to connect more deeply with the natural world via direct observation. The simple act of starting a drawing slows you down long enough to notice details about a subject that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Human beings are natural explorers. We take joy in understanding the world around us & recognize the value of attaining knowledge & skills through experience & practice. 

This Color Pencil Beetle Drawing workshop will teach you a variety of color pencil techniques that are not only helpful for starting a nature drawing, but for continuing your nature drawing practice for years to come.

Color Pencil Beetle Drawing Bundle

What's Included

Supplies You Need for Color Pencil Beetle Drawing

Nature Drawing is probably one of the most affordable hobbies out there. You don’t need much to get started! However, color pencils can become a little costly, especially if you’re investing in a full professional grade set. You don’t need to get the high end materials to get started, just keep an eye open for a brand that has a high pigment-to-wax ratio. You want more pigment and less wax in your pencils. 

These are the supplies that you need in order to participate in this Color Pencil Beetle Drawing workshop. Please note that some of the art supply links are Amazon Associate links. You can help support Hike And Draw by using these links to purchase supplies.

  • Basic set of GOOD color pencils (I prefer Prismacolor or Caran D’ache)
  • Tinted drawing paper, either off white or gray with a smooth surface ( I like Strathmore).
  • Regular pencil for the initial sketch
  • Kneadable eraser for correcting mistakes
  • Blending tools (tortillons, blending stumps, or cotton swab)
  • Optional: Acrylic matte fixative spray to protect the finished artwork

Click here for a complete list of pencil drawing tools that I use »

Please Note: This class is accessible from any web device, however, a device with a larger screen such as a tablet or PC will make for a better experience.

Meet Your Instructor for Color Pencil Beetle Drawing


James Sisti

Instructor + Founder

James is a professional artist and wilderness guide. His mission is to help people connect with nature through art.

  • Over 10 years of professional experience
  • Original lessons and content
  • One-to-one feedback
  • Polite and professional

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What's Being Said About Hike And Draw

“Developing a drawing practice has helped me to find more stillness as a naturalist & strengthened my eye as a photographer.”
Carey Russell
The Dendro Lab
“I love that I am able to attend a live workshop from my home in Australia. Very impressed with the way in which Hike And Draw has been able to establish a supportive & informative learning environment.”
Cherie Richey-Lowe

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